Lists of Jared’s Web Sites

Here is a short list of Jared’s web sites that he owns and operates.  View the entire list of Jared Connell’s websites here. – A guide to staying and playing in Las Vegas. – Training guides for different breeds of dogs and other specialized training guides. – Jared Connell’s personal blog. -Thoughts and theories about the TV show Mr. Robot.


About Jared Connell

Jared is a Las Vegas native who is into all sorts of things, from computers and electronics, to cars, animals, traveling, and much more.  He does freelance work and works for him self doing web design, application development, network design and creation, as well as penetration, among many other things to keep busy.  He also has a day job to keep busy between side jobs and to have a regular pay check coming in.  To get to know more of Jared, see his full bio.

ReLaunch of Jared has just been relaunched with a new CMS backend and updated content.  The content will be constantly updated and reorganized to update and reflect the projects that Jared is working on as well as reflect some of the things that he has worked on in the past.  Please check back often and follow the links on the pages her within to get a look at what Jared as to offer.